Bowhunting Argentina

Catena Safaris Argentina want to welcome all the bowhunters to take a tour into our company!

Catena Safaris Argentina has been guiding bowhunters since it was founded in 2006 by Nico Catena who is a bowhunter aswell. Since then we has been working, learning from our hunters and improving our hunting area for bowhunters, building new blinds, waterholes, and feeding areas to give our hunters the best hunting experience.

Average shots range are 30 to 40 yards while stalking and 25 yards at our blinds and water holes.

Bowhunting in Argentina is one of the best destinations in the world because of the variety of species that can be hunt with bow in the same area, such as Red Stag, Water Buffalo, Axis Deer, Fallow Deer, Wild Boar, European Mouflon, Multi Horn Ram, Texas Dall sheep.

Bowhunting for Buffalo:
We recommend 70 pounds bow or more, heavy arrows (Minimum 700 Grains arrow, and double blade broad heads. ( Grizzly Stick brand works really good, Easton Dangerous Game, German Kinetics Broad heads)

Nicolas Catena

General Manager
Catena Safaris Argentina

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