No visa is require to enter Argentina.

Yes you can, let us know and will send you all the information about travelling with guns to Argentina.

No, Argentina is free of vaccination.

Yes, each hunter will need to have a hunting license and government tag per trophy. We take care of all the hunting licenses and tags.

Yes, our local staff will Meet & Greet the group at the international Airport, outside the restricted area. ( Once you go trough costums and luggage claim )

Average hunting safaris are 5 full hunting days, plus 2 days in and out from the country, so the hole trip can be done in about a week.

We do a primary preparation of the trophies and we ship all the trophies after our hunting season ( May ). We have our international broker in Argentina that will handle all the trophies here and we also count with international broker service if needed too. Shipping process will take from 6 to 8 months.

No, bows and crossbows are consider as sporting equipment and you don´ t need any special permits to travel with them to Argentina. They will travel like regular luggage.

The accuracy is the Argentinean Peso, we reccommend to change some at the Airport, at least USD 100 to have some change, most shops, restaurants and stores will take your Credit Card. ( Taxis/ Cabs do not accept Credit Card )

Yes it is! In fact, we always recommend to do some tourism while in Argentina. There is many destinations to discover in Argentina. We are happy to assist and advise on the different programs and options. If you are looking to overnight in Buenos Aires city, we recommend Hotel Mío Buenos Aires (www.miobuenosaires.com) to our guests. Located in the heart of Buenos Aires city.

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